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I charge £25.00 per hour, and I would recommend an initial purchase of four hours work, but you can book less or more, that is completely up to you. The consultation can either be in person, working together to get you started on your tree and showing you the various websites, or you can complete the form on the contact page and I can research on your behalf. When I report back on the progress that I have made, you can then decide on how you would like me to proceed. The report will be on the ancestors I have managed to research so far and will provide you with a brief overview of your family tree.
I can also help with other genealogy searches and queries for you too.

Fixed Price Research Packages

professional genealogist in uk
Standard Pack

Standard Package – £300

This package is ideal for anyone who would like me to trace the ancestry for either one or both of their parents. The standard package includes tracing two family lines back five generations, and is presented in a style of two books, which includes an overview of each family, a history of where they came from, as well as historical information of their occupations. There will be a book for your paternal line, and one for your maternal line. I will also include a family tree chart to go with these two books.


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All Inclusive Package

All Inclusive Package – £600

This is the same as the standard package, but instead, I will trace the two family lines as far back as possible from the records available. Often this will be as far as the early 1800s, or earlier if Parish records have survived. This package includes up to eight birth, marriage or death certificates, and a comprehensive report on both your paternal and maternal lines, including historical backgrounds, and a complete family history chart.