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Hire genealogist to discover your ancestors

South Coast Family Research ask that you provide  as much information as possible. I charge a fixed fee of £15.00 per hour, and you decide how many hours you would like me to spend on the research and pay the fees in advance. This makes you in control of how much is spent. I can then provide you with a report, and then you can decide if you want me to research further. If I need to request any certificates, I will request your permission first, as they are an extra £9.25 each. The certificates will be sent to you on completion of the research.For the Standard and All Inclusive packages, a deposit of £50.00 is required, and a final invoice will be issued once my research is complete.

Once you have made your decision as to how much time you want me to spend on the research, payment can be made by cheque (made payable to Deborah Hiscock please) or by bank transfer. Details will be provided upon request.hire genealogist


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  1. Hi I am interested in tracing back my family lines, I was looking at the standard £100 package and was hoping to get that, I am particularly interested in my mothers side as I heard we have some links to the Irish. I also know it is an unusual request but my Gran’s brother, died when he was very young his name was Tom Dobinson, for years on end my gran has searched for his grave, but found nothing. I’ve started searching now as well.
    I know its a very unusual request but if you came across anything when you were looking into my family’s past, I would be very grateful.
    Thank you,
    Hope to here from you soon,

  2. Dear Deborah,

    My name is Claire Berry, I have just had my AncestryDNA results awhile back, and I am very interested in tracing my family
    Tree, my results read as follows: 65% Irish, 31% British, which is the majority, then 1% Native American, 1% Caucasus,
    1% West Asian, 1% South Asian, 1% up to 4% range West European, 1% up to 3% range Iberian Penninsula.

    I know I have a direct Ancestor who was Portugese, and she married an Englishman and settled in Ireland around 1800,
    she is on my Father’s Mother’s side, (her Father’s). I would like to trace my Father’s side, his parents, and his Grandparents,
    and their Parents and Grandparents and so on, then I want to trace my Mother’s side, her Parents, their Parents and Grandparents and so on back, I know the Native American is a small percentage, but I would like to see whether that comes
    from my Mother’s side, or my Father’s side, and find out the Tribe we descend from etc.

    I have physical anatomy traits from my Native American Ancestry DNA i.e from my Dentistry, Shovel Teeth, high cheekbones,
    dislocated jaw, (pain from that joint all my life) and the extra ridge of bone along the outside of both my feeth, ( pain from those as well!) My Daughter has some traits, and my Grand- Daughter as well, I read these traits don’t change down the
    Generations as its in the body’s DNA, so it would be interesting to find out if I am 1/8th – 1/32 Native etc.

    The Caucusus region is of Interest, as is all European areas, and the Iberian maybe my Portugese ancestor had Spanish
    Relations etc also I would like my British side traced back as far as possibile. I am hoping to hear from you soon, I would like you to do the Research for me, and tell me how much it would cost, you say your hourly rate is £12.50, let me know how long it will take etc.

    Best Wishes,

    Claire Berry.

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