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Find your family's past

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Feeling lost in discovering your
family's past?

I am here to help
you find the path.

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Let me get you on the right track

Genealogist For Hire

Are you interested in finding out who you are and where you and your family came from? Have you imagined how interesting and exciting it would be to trace your family history? For the uninitiated, the problem is where do you start? How do you begin? Perhaps you have always wanted to trace your family tree, but have found it slightly daunting. With my help, I can help you discover:

  • Your ancestors
  • Your ancestor’s siblings
  • Your ancestor’s spouses and their ancestors
  • Your ancestor’s children

I can help you uncover facts about your relatives over the decades and centuries:

  • where they lived
  • who they met and married, and the children they had
  • whether they served in the military
  • their occupations

Once I have completed your research, I will compile my findings into two books: one for the paternal line and another for the maternal line. Not only will it provide information about your ancestors, but I will be providing a background history of where they came from and what they did for a living. In essence, I will make them come to life so that you will get to know them and how they led their lives. To accompany the books, I will complete a family tree chart so that you can see where each person is situated in your family.

Why not have a look at my blog: https://www.genealogyrules.wordpress.com where I share my research on my own ancestors.