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Find your family's past

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Feeling lost in discovering your
family's past?

I am here to help
you find the path.

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Let me get you on the right track

Genealogist For Hire

Are you interested in finding out who you are and where you and your family came from? Have you imagined how interesting and exciting it would be to trace your family history? For the uninitiated, the problem is where do you start? How do you begin? Perhaps you have always wanted to trace your family tree, but have found it slightly daunting. With my help, I can help you discover:

  • Your ancestors
  • Your ancestor’s siblings
  • Your ancestor’s spouses and their ancestors
  • Your ancestor’s children

I can help you uncover facts about your ancestors:

  • where they lived, who they met and married and the children they had, and also what they did for a living
  • I will research the meaning and origin of your surname, and if possible, provide you with your family Coat of Arms

There will be a computer generated report relating to your family history generation by generation. As part of the standard package, I will then print out a family tree showing five generations as well as including birth, marriage and death certificates and any census returns. I can provide you with a list of occupation(s) with a brief description of each occupation. You will also see, by looking at your family tree, whether your ancestors stayed in the same area or moved locations.

This will all be presented to you in a hardback album in a colour of your choice.